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Body to scalp hair transplantation

In persons with scanty hairs in the back of the scalp (head) or in the persons with Norwood grade IV or grade V categories where the area of the baldness is more than the hairs present at the back of the scalp (head). Here if the person has good hair growth in the chest, beard or any other body part, the hairs from that area can be harvested and transplanted to the affected area of the scalp giving a satisfactory cosmetic result.

Body to scalp hair transplantation is done by FUE technique in which single follicles of the hair are extracted intact with roots from the skin. Since the extraction is done with 0.9 or 0.8 mm punch there is no scarring on the donor area. The extracted hair follicles are then transplanted into the affected bald areas of the scalp.

Though the result of body to scalp hair transplantation is not equal to the hair transplantation from the back of the scalp (head) as the body hairs are thin and length is not that long as compared to the scalp hairs but they are used to give density to the scalp.


In this combo picture - the donor area of the chest is shown with transplantation of the hairs to the scalp area.

Donor area of chest after 4 days after hairs extraction

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